1971 - Unit Histories / Photos / War Stories

The "Grim Reaper" Flies Again An English RC modeler recreates the Reaper.

Robert Brackenhoff's Photos Page

Unit History, Jan-April 1971

Shark Team Lost in Laos Fred Thompson story and photos

LZ Sopia- Laos Mike Sloniker's rare photo and brief script

Fred Thompson's Photo Pages (from his biography page.

Keith Watters' Photos Page, Dolphin Crewchief 1970-71

SP5 Bill Wilder's Biography & Photos Page, Shark '56' & '60' 1970-71

Bob Hackett's Photos Page, Shark 9, 1970-71

Shark Platoon SGT Dale Parker's Biography, Military Career & Photos Page (1955-1971)

Abe Gomes, Going Over The Fence (Feb. 1971)

Mark Klindt's Photos Page Mar-Nov 1971 (also linked to on Individual Bio's page)

FSB Mary Ann in Early 1971

FSB Mary Ann from the garbage Dump

FSB Mary Ann from the Resupply Pad

Sixty Minutes of Terror at Mary Ann (Link to the Americal Web Site)

FSB Mary Ann after the 28 Mar 71 Attack

FSB Mildred.

Sniffin' Easy Rider's "Breath"

The Grim Reaper

Converting the "Grim Reaper" from a UH-1C to a UH-1M

Four Sharks at Khe Sanh

Mexican Express On-the-Go

The Shootdown of CPT Peterson and Crew Southern Cross Article

Medevac Rescue of the "Surfer's" Crew (Plus 5 photos)

"Retirement of a Shark gun" Bob Jansen's personal account in Laos

"Thinking About Vietnam" CPT John Bishop's Shootdown in Laos

"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Witch Doctor 5 is down..." 1LT Butch Elliott's Shootdown in Laos

Actual Cockpit Audio from Lam Son 719

Two Shark Teams Down In Three Days, Lam Son 719

The Rescue of Witchdoctor 5 Pacific Stars & Stripes Article from 9 March 1971

Initial Combat Assault on LZ Lolo

Photograph of LZ Lolo following the initial assault

Enlarged Photograph of LZ Lolo following the initial assault

Grinning at the World

Seven Dolphins in Trail

1SG McClure and Dolphin 711

The Last Flight of WO1 Al Harris (Personal letter from an Austrialian ground advisor)

Dolphin 759 After Rolling Down a Hill

Mel Lutgring, the Last Witchdoctor Crewchief

Shark 722 Crash at Minh Long

Witchdoctor on Duty

Daily Engine Wash

The Second Easy Rider

The 174th AHC's LAST Operational Mission and Formation

My KINGDOM for a Pillow!

The Aftermath of Typhoon Hester