174th Assault
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The Second Easy Rider

This is the Shark known as "Easy Rider," tail number 66-15242. This is actually the second Easy Rider (the first one was lost in a crash), and can be rather easily identified by the "curved" teeth. Each set of shark's teeth was hand-drawn and was unique. In the upper photo you can see the hand-painted Easy Rider logo on the cowling between the cargo door and the tail boom. The tail boom visible in the upper photo is that of Witchdoctor 650. The second photo gives a better view of the curved teeth on this Shark aircraft. This photo is taken outside the hangars at Chul Lai in September 1971, about a month before they were destroyed by Typhoon Hester. (Photos property of Mel Lutgring, Chu Lai, Sep 1971)

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