174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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20 December 1971 at Camp Viking (Red Beach) at the 334th Transportation company, celebrating the 21st birthday of SP4 Mel Lutgring (white T-shirt). With Mel is Jonathan Olsen (plaid shirt), a mechanic with the 174th; Rick Christopher (NOMEX flight suite in front), a gunner in the Sharks; Tom Harper (standing in jungle fatigues), a mechanic with the 334th. Tom was from Hammond, Louisiana and Mel was from Franklin, Louisiana. Tom was nicknamed "Louisi" and Mel was nicknamed "Ana." Louisi-Ana......Louisiana (get it?) Hangovers from the Seagrams-7 and 7-Up led them to volunteer to watch the flight line and forego the Bob Hope Show at Freedom Hill the next day. Mel says he NEVER drank the stuff again! (Photo property of Mel Lutgring, Camp Viking, 20 Dec 1971)

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