Sergeant Snuffy's
FSB and LZ Database

Have you been trying to locate an old Fire Support Base (FSB) or Landing Zone (LZ)? We now have the most extensive listing of FSBs and LZs in existance. It provides the name, location, grid coordinates, and Map Name and Number of thousands of locations throughout Vietnam.

Don "SGT Snuffy" Smith has been working on this project for over 25 years, compiling an extensive Vietnam-wide database of Fire Support Base and Landing Zone locations. His list includes most locations throughout Vietnam and the PDF file of his database is 1,094 pages long. To use it, open the PDF file below, read the lead-in information, abbreviations, and directions, then use your "search" feature (Control-F on a Windows machine) and enter the name to find the location you're searching for. Be sure and note that many names were used multiple times, so ensure you find the one for your specific area and time period.

Don was with C Company & Recon, 1/52nd Infantry, 198th LIB in the Americal (23rd) Division from August 1970 to August 1971. Don has given his permission to us to post his work on our website. ~Thank you Don.

The PDF file is about 7.2 MB in size, so it may take awhile to download. Click on the link below to view the list of FSB and LZ locations.

Firebases, LZ's & Predominant Terrain Features, Vietnam