174th AHC Association Membership

Should you be a veteran of the 174th AHC (or associated units) and are interested in joining this remarkable group of BROTHERS by becoming a member of the Association, click HERE for a printable form of the membership application. The dues are only $15 per year (that's only two or three cool ones at your local pub, guys).

The list below includes all dues-current members as well as former members whose dues are delinquent. Technically, without renewing and submitting your dues, the delinquent accounts are no longer members. Those delinguent members are notated below by a double-asterisk (**) after their names, as a reminder that they need to renew. When a member passes away, he will be removed from this membershiip list and added to the DAT (Died After Tour) list HERE.

Please forward any corrections or questions to Charlie Doherty, your Association's Secretary/Treasurer, by clicking HERE. If you have recently renewed and you're still shown as delinquent, drop Jim an e-mail and he'll have me update your listing. We try to keep it current, but there could be a time delay in updating the status.

As of June 2017

Abbe, Johnny R.
Ackerman, Michael **
Anderson, Millard
Armstrong, Dan
Aron, Bill **
Auman, Thomas **
Bailey, John C. **
Balboa, Hector
Banek, Mike
Barnes, Gary
Barton, Larry
Basler, Michael
Beasley, Louie R.
Beeker, Emmet **
Bellizzi, Ralph **
Bennett, Darrell
Bensch Jr, Kurt
Bergmann, Walt
Berry, George
Bither, Rodney
Bolan, Jack
Bovre, Michael
Brandt, Joseph
Brant, Henry **
Brink, Randall
Brito, Andy
Brockway, Matt
Brown, Steve
Brull, David
Buckley, Geoff
Bullen, John **
Burch, Thomas
Burnam, Daniel E.
Burton, Michael **
Burton, Danny
Calloway, Roderick **
Campbell, James William
Campbell, Larry **
Caponetto, Tom
Carlson, Fred
Casillas, Tony
Chipley, Robert
Christopher, Richard **
Cichowski, Richard
Clark, David
Clark, Wayne **
Clement, Ross
Coakley, Stanton
Cochuyt, John P. **
Coffman, Jerry **
Coffman, Zhinga Wayne
Conner, Ron
Constance, Eric **
Cooney, James **
Cooper, Harry W.
Cooper, William
Dana, Tom
Daneau, Phil
Davis, Sam
Doers, Doug
Doersam, Russell **
Doherty, Charles
Donahue, John
Dorne, John
Dotterer, Jack
Duncan, Patrick
Dunham, Ken
Dziadul, Steve **
Edmonds Delbert(Wayne)
Elliott, Butch
Ellis, Dennis
Fairchild, Lee
Farley, Ted
Fielding, Robert
Finefrock, James
Fisher, Dennis
Fisher, Mark
Flynn, John "Jack"
Frank, Dennis A.
Gahley, Paul E.
Gallison, Frank E.
Gamber, Bob
Gambone, Edward **
Garber, Stephen W.
Garbow, Chris
Gatti, Larry
Gauby, Tom
Gibson, Glen **
Godbold, Randy
Gomes, Abe
Goodin, Jeff **
Graham, Jimmy **
Gregore, Rick **
Grogan, Kenneth **
Hackett, Bob
Hall, Mike
Hall, Robert S.
Hamburg, Mel
Hardy, James E. **
Harp, James H. **
Harvey, James
Hazen, Laurence
Haugen, Dave
Herwig, Dennis W.
Heuer, Marty
Hill, Ronald
Hipp, Jim
Hird, George
Hodges, Christopher **
Hodgson, G. Mark
Holmes, Bennie **
Hood, Ronald
Houck, Mitchell
Hubbard, Irving
Huddy, Rexford
Huizenga, Paul
Hutson, Richard S.
Ingram, Earl
Jackson, Paul E.
Jansen, Robert W.
Jarrell, Randy **
Johnson, Ken
Jones, Herman "Red"
Jones, Richard
Jones, Robert
Kamai, Larry **
Kasarda, Andy
Kauffman, Len
Keenan, Brian
Keene, Thomas **
Kelly, Thad **
Kennedy, Ben W. **
Kennedy, Steve
King, Larry
Klaisner, Jim **
Klindt, Mark
Knight, Wayne **
Koster, Hal
Koveleskie, Robert G.
Kramer, Don
Kunelius, Paul
Laird, Curtis
Larsen, Eugene **
Lay, Russel
Leutik, Peter
Lewis, Mark
Lind, Dean
Lindsey Jr, David C.
Loken, Bill **
Lovett, H. Wayne
Luff, Phil
Lutgring, Mel
Luther, Chick
Malkowski, Sam "Ed" **
Marshall, Bruce
Marshall, Frank
Martin, Larry K.
Martos, Ronald
McCabe, Denis **
McCormick, Dennis
McCurry, William
McDaniel, Jim
McKee, Ed
McLeod, Larry
McNown, Chuck **
Medeiros, Wayne J.
Merten, Patrick
Messinger, Jim
Mills, Morgan H.
Miranda, Gene **
Modjeski, Howard "Mo"
Moore, John **
Morris, Jeffrey
Murphy, William
Murray, Gerald
Muthersbaugh, Carl
Nelson, Rick **
Newcomer, Ron **
Nichols, J.M.
Nobles, Ronald
Nunn, Wally
Olson, Jonathan
O'Malley, Peter E.
Packer, Clyde
Parker, Dale
Parris, Kenneth
Peters, Ken **
Peterson, Gaylen K.
Petty, Thomas H.
Phillips, Michael
Pitts, John O.
Plunkett, Robert **
Pooser, Jim
Putnam, Wm. "Randy" **
Radcliff, Chuck
Ramey, John
Ratcliffe, Stephen
Rathbone, Larry
Reaves, Carey "Yogi"
Reinshagen, Thomas
Rich, Jim
Richardson, Don
Riddle, Rex
Riggs, Randy
Rios, David
Rodery, Tom **
Rogers, Stan **
Rohlfs, Lee **
Roths, P.J.
Russell, Henry A.
Samuelson, Mark Paul
Saunders, Ted
Scheri, Al
Seese, David **
Seiple (Sr.), Robert **
Shedd, Jim **
Shoe, Robert
Simmons, Chas
Simons, Lonnie **
Simpson, Harrold
Sloniker, Mike **
Smith, Derald
Smither, Edward T. **
Spratt, Dale
Steiniger, Michael
Stepp, Clifford **
Stern, Clifford
Stewart, Ed
Stoddard, John
Stone, Richard **
Taggart, Tom
Taylor, Fred
Taylor, Spencer
Teague, Gene
Tecca, Terry
Thomas, Bob
Townsend, Martin
Travis, Harding
Uhlich, Charles
Vallee, Armand R.
Vanderveer, Clifton
VanFosson, Ron **
Vann, Bud
Varner,Neal **
Wall, John W.
Wallace, Ron
Walzer, Bill
Watkins, James
Watson, Joe
Whitcomb, Mark
Wifholm, Hank
Williams, Bill "Cuz"
Wilson, Leslie **
Winans, William
Wise, Dwight
Wood, Billy
Wylie, Dale
Yocum, Jim
Young, James
Young, John
Yowell, P.T. (Perry)
Zavales, Jeff
Zimmerman, Gerald E.
Zimmerman, Marcus **
Zobel, Tom