1970 - Unit Histories / Photos / War Stories

Sergeant Wayne Brown's "Life in the Bush," 4/3 Infantry

Last Photos of SP5 Fred Vandiver

Brand New Dolphin on Fire

Witch Doctor Nose Art

1970 Substitute for PACEX Catalog

FLIP Enroute Supplement for Duc Pho

U.S. Bounty Leaflet

CO's Policy Letter

Rosenthal's PIO Report on a Shark Mission

Dave Rosenthal -- Then and Now

Dolphins 2nd Platoon Hootch

Pink Panther Down on FSB Hill 4-11

SP-5 Bill Wilder


Thompson, Zavales & Kraft Outside the Officers Club at Duc Pho

Thompson and Gentry atop the Shark hootch

Crash of the First Easy Rider

Warrant Officers Greg Manuel and Peter O'Malley in the Shark Hootch

1LT Dave Jauregi and SP5 Paul Terry

178th Boxcar Unloading Troops at FSB Young

Dolphin Crew at Kham Duc, Sep 70

Kham Duc Map and Article in the Americal Newspaper, Sep 70.

WO1 Robert Gentry Oct 70

2nd Flight Platoon EM Hootch Nov 70

Chipley, Grooms, Gentry, Phillips, and Martin in the Misfits Hootch Nov 70

CPT Terry Hays, 2nd Flt Platoon, Dec 70

WO1 Don Mills, 2nd Flt Platoon, Dec 70

One Lane PZ, an unusual Pickup Zone

Official Americal Christmas Card

Shark #170 "Ace of Spades" on the Cover of the 1996 VHPA Directory.

Thoughts of a Rattler on the Americal Division and Troop Morale in 1970/71

SP4 Steve Ratcliffe's Photos Page (C/E "Pink Panther" Shark 590) 1970

Robert Brackenhoff's Photo Composite Pages

On Stand-by at Tra Bong, playing the waiting game.

Steve Jennings' Bullet-Stopping Zippo

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