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These links have been provided here purely for your information and convenience. We at the 174th website in no way control the subject content of any of these other websites, and as website locations occasionally change addresses for various reasons, you may encounter sites with invalid or obsolete URL addresses. For those BAD LINKS I know of, I've identified them as such, but I've left the site and old link unchanged. I put this page up several years ago and frankly have not re-checked the links until now. I'm surprised at how many BAD LINKS there are in the Vietnam helicopter unit sites. If you know of a corrct link, or a unit I don't have listed, please notify me HERE and I'll update the list. ~Jim McD> (webby)

Associations and Reference Websites:

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: Home Page
Dept. of Veterans Affairs: Web Automated Reference Material System
CHPA: Combat Helicopter Pilots Association
CRSC (Combat Related Special Compensation): Understand your combat-related disability benefits. Good website.
VHFCN: Vietnam Helicopter Flight Crew Network
Heli-Vets: Vietnam Helicopter Veterans
VHPA: Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
VHCMA: Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association
USMC Vietnam Helicopter Association
Americal Division Veterans Association (ADVA) Under the Southern Cross
11th Light Infantry Brigade Jungle Warriors
Echo Company Recon Platoon, 1/20th Inf, 11th Light Infantry Brigade Echo Company at LZ Liz
1/20th Inf, 11th Light Infantry Brigade Syke's Regulars
Delta Company, 1/20th Inf, 11th Light Infantry Brigade Delta Company
196th Light Infantry Brigade Association
198th Light Infantry Brigade Association (BAD LINK)
FSB Hill 4-11 Web Site
The American War Library
South Carolina Helicopter Association
HAI: Helicopter Association International
US Army Aviation Museum Ft. Rucker, Alabama
The Virtual Wall: Vietnam Veteran Memorial
POW/MIA Search Database
Mike Sloniker's Article on the Recovery of the crews of Phoenix Lead and Music One Six (BAD LINK)
Songs of Army Aviators in the Vietnam War, Marty Heuer's page on the 174th's own "The High Priced Help"
Armed Forces Reading Lists Professional development reading lists as recommended by each of the armed services.
AirForce-Technology The Website for the Defence Industries - Air Force (UK)

Websites of Units:

Air America
A Troop 3/17th Cav Silver Spurs
1st Aviation Brigade U.S. Army Vietnam 1966-1973
1st Cavalry Division Association The First Team!
1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) The Flying Circus
1st Infantry Division The Big Red One
The Society of the 1st Infantry Division The Big Red One
B Troop, 2/17th Air Cav. (101st) Banshee (BAD LINK)
B Company, 158th Avn, 101st Abn. Lancers
C Company, 158th Avn, 101st Abn. Phoenix
C Troop, 2/17th Cavalry, 101st Abn. Condors
3rd Squadron, 17th Air Cavalry Regiment Association
7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (Air) Ruthless Riders
7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (Air) Forum and Chat Tue, Wed, Thu, 9:00pm Eastern (BAD LINK)
D Troop - 3/5th Cav; C-Troop 3/17 Cav Light Horse (BAD LINK)
F Troop, 8th Cavalry Blueghost (BAD LINK)
17th Assault Helicopter Company (AKA) B Company, 101st AHC Kingsmen (BAD LINK)
18th Assault Helicopter Company Warlords (BAD LINK)
48th Assault Helicopter Company Bluestars
52 Avn Bn and 119th Avn Co Dragons (Camp Holloway, Pleiku) (BAD LINK)
57th Assault Helicopter Company Gladiators and Cougars
68th Assault Helicopter Company Top Tigers and Mustangs
71st Assault Helicopter Company Rattlers and Firebirds
101st Airborne Division Association Screaming Eagles
A Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Company Comancheros
C Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Company Blackwidows
D Company, 101st Assault Helicopter Company Hawks
114th Assault Helicopter Company Knights and Cobras
116th Assault Helicopter Company Hornets and Stingers (BAD LINK)
119th Assault Helicopter Company Gators and Crocs (BAD LINK)
120th Assault Helicopter Company Razorbacks and Deans
128th Assault Helicopter Company Tomahawks, Gunslingers, Witchdoctor
129th Assault Helicopter Company Bulldogs and Cobras
134th Assault Helicopter Company Demons and Devils
135th Assault Helicopter Company EMU (BAD LINK)
145th Combat Aviation Battalion The Warriors
147th Assault Support Helicoopter Company Hillclimbers
155th Assault Helicopter Company Stagecoach and Falcons
159th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion Liftmaster
161st Assault Helicopter Company Pelicans and Scorpions
162nd Assault Helicopter Company Vultures and Copperheads (BAD LINK)
170th Assault Helicopter Company Bikini's and Buccaneers
173th Airborne Brigade Casper Aviation Platoon
173th Assault Helicopter Company Robin Hoods and Crossbows
174th Assault Helicopter Company Dolphins and Sharks (Yeah, I included us too)
175th Aviation Company (AML) Outlaws & Mavericks
176th Assault Helicopter Company Minutemen and Muskets (BAD LINK)
178th Assault Support Helicopter Company Boxcars
179th Assault Support Helicopter Company Shrimpboats
187th Assault Helicopter Company Blackhawks, Crusaders, and Rat Pack
189th Assault Helicopter Company Ghostriders and Avengers
190th Assault Helicopter Company Spartans and Gladiators (BAD LINK)
191th Assault Helicopter Company Boomerangs and Bounty Hunters
192th Assault Helicopter Company Polecats and Tiger Sharks
201st Corps Aviation Company Red Barons
B Company, 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1 Cav Pouvoir
C Company, 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1 Cav Snakes (BAD LINK)
228th ASHB and Guns-A-Go-Go Winged Warriors (BAD LINK)
238th Aerial Weapons Company Gunrunners
240th Assault Support Helicopter Company Greyhounds and Maddogs (BAD LINK)
242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company Muleskinners
282nd Assault Helicopter Company Blackcats and Alleycats (BAD LINK)
334th Armed Helicopter Company Sabers (Playboys, Raiders, and Dragons) (BAD LINK)
335th Assault Helicopter Company Cowboys (BAD LINK)
336th Assault Helicopter Company T-Birds and Warriors (BAD LINK)
539th Transportation Co. Hexmates (BAD LINK)
HA(L)-3 Seawolves (US Navy)
HC-7 Seadevils (US Navy)
HMM-164 Knightriders, the "Yankee Tango" Squadron (USMC) (BAD LINK)
HMH-361 CH-53's (USMC) (BAD LINK)
HMM-261 Porter's Bulls (USMC) (BAD LINK)
HMM-262 Old Tigers (USMC) (BAD LINK)

Personal Websites:

Dave Rosenthal's Personal Home Pages (Dolphin pilot, 70-71)
Joe Kline Aviation Art
Nissi Publishing (Check out Sloniker's book) (BAD LINK)

Other Aviation Links:

The Military Aircraft Archive. (BAD LINK) This is a very thorough--almost encyclopedic--coverage of military aircraft by Jeremy J. Harkin, including detailed information on specific aircraft and links to many other sites. Well worth a leisurely visit. Be sure and visit his "Web Links" section.