174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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FSB Mildred

FSB Mildred was near Hau Duc (coordinates BT 048 043). It was located about five miles east of FSB Mary Ann. Andy Olints was stationed on FSB Mary Ann and was there when it was overrun. He took this photo and provided the following caption, "This is LZ Mildred, March 1971. I don't remember much--was only there two or three days after Mary Ann was hit. Seems more sophisticated than I remember. I do remember grass on the interior of the base. Can't locate area where I was--a CONEX with battalion radios." (Photo by Andy Olints, 1971) Note: Upon examing the photo with a magnifying glass, the white object in front of the UH-1H slick appears to be a white sheet or large piece of paper picked up by the rotor wash. This happened rather frequently coming into fire bases--occasionally with ponchos, which could make for a wild and short ride if they hit and wrapped around a rotor blade, creating a one-to-one lateral vibration you wouldn't BELIEVE! Paper of course would just tear. See blowup photo of the slick below the first photo. --Jim McDaniel