174th AHC Commanders

Commanding Officers of the 174th AHC

Following are all the commanding officers of the 174th AHC during her six year tour in Vietnam.
(KIA = Killed In Action)
(DAT = Died After Tour)

Nov 1965 to Aug 1966: Major Robert M. Stuart (DAT)

Aug 1966 to Sep 1966: Major Walter L. Payne

Sep 1966 to Apr 1967: Major William C. Dalrymple (DAT)

Apr 1967 to Jun 1967: Major David M. Mosher

Jun 1967 to Jan 1968: Major Thomas Wheat (DAT)

Jan 1968 to Sep 1968: Major Glen Gibson

Sep 1968 to Mar 1969: Major Richard A. Brown (KIA)

Mar 1969 to Sep 1969: Major Marion J. Goodin

Sep 1969 to Apr 1970: Major Virgil E. Blevins (DAT)

Apr 1970 to Oct 1970: Major Fredrick G. Blackburn

Oct 1970 to Feb 1971: Major James W. Searcy

Feb 1971 to Sep 1971: Major Dale R. Spratt

Sep 1971 to Nov 1971: Major Edward M. Brown