Individual Bios Submitted by 174th Vets


Below is an alphabetized listing of biographies of 174th AHC "Alums" (both for members of the 174th AHC and any of her support organizations). These bio's have been submitted by each individual and includes whatever that person wants to include. Some may be really long, some short-and-sweet. There is no limit on size or restriction on material (at least none we've identified yet). Here are suggestions on what to include:

(1) Photograph of you then and now.
(2) Name and rank when in unit, unit to which assigned and dates, job(s), callsigns, or nicknames used in the unit.
(3) Personal history like hometown, places lived, schools attended, etc.
(4) Any interesting (at least to you?) information or stories leading up to arriving in unit.
(5) Significant activities/actions/occurrances/stories while you were with the unit.
(6) Awards/decorations/recognition received.
(7) What you did after leaving the unit, including additional tours, military assignments, places lived.
(8) What you've done since, what you're doing now, and where you live.
(9) Interests, hobbies, etc.
(10) E-mail address, regular address, phone number if you wish.
(11) Anything else I've left out that you'd like to include.

REMEMBER, any information you put here will be available to ANYONE on the PLANET with an internet connection. If you don't want your e-mail or other address known, don't put it here. If you want to have people contact you, then list it.

Also, don't put anything here you wouldn't want published on the front page of your local newspaper, because it just might be.

Please e-mail your submission to me and I'll get it on the page. If you want to snail-mail me your bio, send me an e-mail request and I'll send you my address. ~Jim McD> (Webmaster)

Auman, Tom (WO1, 66-67)
Babb, Stan (CE, 1971)
Banek, Mike (WO1, 67-68)
Brownfield, Skip (SP4, 70)
Cobb, Bernie (MAJ, 66)
Cooney, Jim (WO1, 67-68)
Dufner, Wayne (PFC, 67)
Elliott, Ralph E. (Butch) (1LT, 70-71)
Fisher, Mark (CPT, 68-69)
Garbow, Chris (1LT, 68)
Gauby, Tom (SP4, 69)
Haupt, Bill (SP4, 66-67)
Hutcheson, Ed (SP5, 67-68)
Kasarda, Andy (SP5, 67-68)
Kennedy, Ben (SP4, 68-70)
Kennedy, Steve (1LT, 68-69)
Klindt, Mark (SP4, 71)
Levine, Gary (SP4, 69-70)
Lutgring, Mel (SP4, 71)
McDaniel, Jim (WO1, 67-68)
Newcomer, Ron (1LT, 66-67)
Parker, Dale (SFC, 70-71)
Pelliccia, Dennis (SP4, 67-68)
Robinson, Ralf (CW2, 69-70)
Rosenthal, David (WO1, 70)
Simmons, Chas (SGT, 67-68)
Sours, Sam (SP5, 67-70)
Spahr, David (WO1, 68-69)
Taggart, Tom (SP4, 69-71)
Thompson, Fred (WO1, 70-71)
Whalen, Larry (SP4, 69-70)
Wilder, Bill (SP5, 70-71)
Wood, Billy (CPT, 66-67)