174th Assault
Helicopter Company


1SG McClure

174th First Sergeant

(Photo of McClure property of Mike Sloniker)

First Sergeant McClure was the 174 AHC's First Sergeant from the death of SFC Doyle Foster in March 1971 until the unit stood down in October 1971.

In a March 2001 e-mail note from (former) Major Dale Spratt, 174th CO during Lam Son 719, he said, "The new First Shirt (who followed SFC Foster) had spent 18 years in the 101st Airborne and was initially not too happy at being in the 174th. He really did come around and was a real rah-rah guy for aviation by the end of the tour. I think he was from Clarksville, TN."

To which Mike Sloniker replied, "I found 1SG McClure's picture. He and I had a lot in common because my first tour was in an artillery battery of the 101st. I had the 101st patch on my right shoulder, as did he, and we were both Artillerymen. He was just dumbfounded at the differences between an 82-man artillery battery and a huge aviation company".

We've included a photo of McClure's and Spratt's aircraft (courtesy of Mel Lutgring), Dolphin UH-1H #70-15711 below.