174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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Fred Thompson (Shark 7)

"On Stand-by at Tra Bong, 1970"

"…These are a series of photos taken at Tra Bong of a Shark light fire team (two gunships) in December 1970, awaiting the ‘go’ signal to escort these ARVN’s out to Gia Vuc. The Dolphin ‘slicks’ have not arrived yet. That’s shirtless crewchief John Moore treating the wind screen in the first photo. The next three shots are of the light fire team composed of Shark 140 and Shark 161. The last photo is crewchief Bud Vann, left, and Shark aircraft commander Gary Harter, right. Bud is obviously not excited about standing-by to stand-by. The boy needs an attitude check…"

(Photos property of Fred Thompson)