174th Assault
Helicopter Company

Dave Rosenthal -- Then and Now

Below are two shots for the "Then and Now" department. In the first one is WO1 David Rosenthal as an FNG in January 1970. Dave became Dolphin 24 when he later made aircraft commander. (more below...)

...And below is CW4 Dave Rosenthal in 1997, now flying the UH-60 in the California Army National Guard. After Duc Pho, Dave went directly to Germany where he flew OH-58s, then got out to return to his home in California and go to school on the GI Bill. He got into a newly forming UH-1 Medevac unit in the Guard and eventually got a Chinook transition, then the UH-60. He's been on flight status continuously since flight school (WORWAC 69-37). Today, Dave's day-job is as a physicist in the Research Division of the Navy's lab at China Lake in the Mojave Desert. But, on the side, he occasionally enjoys being a science reporter for CNN, a radio correspondent, an entertainer for Club Med, a commercial writer and a professional photographer. His email address is n6tst@ridgecrest.ca.us. (Photos property of David Rosenthal, Dolphin 24, 1970.)