174th Assault
Helicopter Company


WO1 Don Mills

David Rosenthal provided the following caption: On the left is WO1 Don Mills and, in the underwear, someone I can't identify, though his name just eludes me. This was shot in December 1970 in the addition to the 2nd Flight Platoon hootch. The big white board on the left contains the next day's aircraft and crew assignments and beneath is the "Flare and Reaction standby board." The one on the right is the maintenance status for platoon aircraft. (Photo taken by David Rosenthal, Duc Pho, Dec 1970)

(Webmaster Note: In a January 2001 e-mail note from Fred Thompson, he says, "(the) partially naked guy on the right in this pic is Dolphin 29 Milton "Buddy" Howard... I talked to Buddy over five years ago and he was a CW4 at Ft. Drum, NY... Said he hadn't decided "What to Do" after he grew up... Still Loved flying... )