174th Assault
Helicopter Company

Pink Panther Down on Hill 4-11
Early 1970

Flight, Charlie Wood was a grunt on FSB Hill 4-11 and is now webmaster for a Hill 4-11 home page. He recently sent us the below Shark photos with the following information. We know that SP4 Steve Ratcliffe was C/E of Shark UH-1C 66-00590 then, but if anyone has details, please let me know and I'll forward to Charlie. Note the stress-bends on the metal of the right cargo door. Hard landing? Also note the right minigun is facing 90 degrees (straight down.)
Jim McDaniel (webmaster)


Here are two shots of the Pink Panther shark on FSB Hill 4-11 in early 1970. It had to land on the firebase because of mechanical problems. Can anyone on your web team add any more information about these pictures? Terry Copt with D Battery artillery took both shots. The second photo is of the Pink Panther getting rigged up for a Chinook ride back to LZ Bronco. I'm just passing them on to you for historical purposes.

You can visit the FSB Hill 4-11 website at: http://www.hill4-11.org/

Charlie Wood"
(Photo property of Charlie Wood)