The P&P Sisterhood
174th 2013 Reunion

At last year's reunion (2012) a rather informal gathering of ladies formed "The Patron Tequila and Dill Pickle Juice Sisterhood," which was quickly shortened to "The Patron & Picklejuice Sisterhood," which was further shortened to "The P&P Sisterhood." For the 2013 reunion, the ladies got serious. The founder and "President for Life," Helen Davis, called a meeting Friday night after dinner to allow new members to join the club.

There was a great turnout, and all the ladies joining the P&P Sisterhood got a pink T-shirt with their logo on it. The requirement for joining was to down a shot of Petron tequila and chase it with a shot of dill pickle juice -- OR -- if a lady had reasons not to partake of tequila, just downing the shot of pickle juice would do -- OR -- if that was also too much, just touching a drop of the pickle juice to one's nose was enough. Meeting any of the three requirments gained one admittance to the Club.

The sisterhood adopted a theme song, and the ladies could be heard over the next couple of days rather randomly bursting into a verse of their new theme song, "You are my Sunshine!"

There was also a large turnout the next day for the no-men-allowed ladies luncheon near the swimming pool. The ladies all wore their new pink P&P Sisterhood T-shirts. Wonderful food, drinks, and a DJ playing era music made for a fun time. Late in the day some of the men were allowed in. The ladies wish to thank Sue English, Charoltte Conner, and the others who made this possible. Here are some photos of the ladies of the 174th's "P&P Sisterhood."

Below: The Patron Tequila & Dill Pickle Juice Sisterhood