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1966 & 1967

The below photos were sent in by Captain Bill McCurry, Chandler, AZ, who served with the 174th at Lane Army Heliport and Duc Pho in 1966 and 1967. Bill wanted to share these photos with everyone. He is a Professor Emeritus of Aviation at AZ State University. Here's a brief comment Bill makes regarding one of the photos: "The picture of UH-1D 605 and SP5 Childress is interesting. If I remember correctly, Boyd Mitchell and I had put a significant number of hours on the aircraft the day these pictures were taken (maybe 9 to 10 hours) and the next day the aircraft was being used to train Koreans for flight duties. It came apart in flight after a damper bracket broke and cut the push-pull control tubes. The blades came through the cockpit and cut off the tail boom. CPT Bram, SP5 Childress, and the Korean student were killed in the crash."

Below: South Vietnam map with Provinces and Military Regions

Below: Coast line North of Saigon

Below: Catholic Church at Qui Nhon

Below: Lane Army Heliport (AHP) during Monsoon Season

Below: Lane AHP, Home of the 14th Combat Aviation Battalion (CAB), west of Qui Nhon

Below: Lane AHP looking south toward 174th AHC area

Below: Lane AHP - Commander's hootch

Below: Lane AHP - Home of the 174th AHC in 1966 and early 1967

Below: 174th AHC UH-1D Dolphin "Slick"

Below: Dolphin flight lead north of Lane AHP

Below: Coast line north of Nha Trang

Below: Small monument (center of photo) between Lane and Tuy Hoa, 1966

Below: Hal Carringer, Bill McCurry, and Boyd Mitchell - North of Nha Trang

Below: Rice Paddies north of Tuy Hoa during Monsoon Season

Below: 174th Dolphin flying north "Feet Wet" near Qui Nhon

Below: WO1 Jim Davenport and CPT Bill McCurry at the Nha Trang Special Forces Camp

Below: WO1 Tom Loughrey at Lane AHP, 1966

Below: An Khe Pass on Hwy 19 from Qui Nhon looking West

Below: Thunderstorm over Pleiku

Below: Bao Loc Special Forces Compound

Below: CPT Bill McCurry at Phan Rang AFB

Below: Dolphin (Chalk 2) north of Lane AHP

Below: Republic of Korea (ROK) Tiger Division troops, ready for a Combat Assault

Below: Mang Yang Pass, between Qui Nhon and An Khe

Below: CPT Bill McCurry ca 1967

Below: UH-1D Dolphin 605 "Ruptured Duck" with WO1 Boyd Mitchell and CPT Bill McCurry

Below: 174th AHC Company area at Duc Pho in mid-1967. Still all tents.

Below: 1st platoon pilot's tent at Duc Pho, summer 1967

Below: CPT McCurry outside 1st Platoon pilot's tent at Duc Pho

Below: WO1 Tom Burch and CPT McCurry at Duc Pho

Below: Another view of the 174th Company area at Duc Pho - Summer 1967

Below: Lieutenants Jack Flynn and Henry Bryant at Duc Pho, 1967

Below: Platoon Sergeant Perkins at Duc Pho

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