2012 Reunion Information

Flight, please see the attached Word document for the 2012 174th AHC reunion notice and appropriate registration forms. Our reunions get better and better each year with more of our brother vets finding us and attending. Our 2012 reunion is 4-6 May, again at Fort Walton Beach in Florid's lovely panhandle.

To see the reunion notice and registration form, please click HERE.

2012 Reunion Video

Webmaster note: Our own 174th alumnus Billy Wood (1966-67) has put together a dynamite reunion video, combining old super-8 movies and photos from "back in the day," and recent photos from our past reunions. He has done a great job on this and I know has sent the DVD disk to many of you as a "taste" of what our reunions are like. I tried to put it up on YouTube for all to see, but it was too large. I was able to get it broken down into three parts, and all three are now available on YouTube.

I hope the audio remains with the video, as there is a lot of music accompanying the video, and YouTube is sometimes sensitive to copyright issues. All tunes used are credited at the end, so hopefully that will satisfy any critics and the soundtrack will remain. If there is no soundtrack, you'll know why.

Below are the links to the three parts, and the length of each. You should watch them all. We have a GREAT time at our reunions. Look at the video, go to the link just above and read up on what's in store this year, and join us for a wonderful experience.

Part 1 of 3 (8.5 minutes)

Part 2 of 3 (8.5 minutes)

Part 3 of 3 (12.0 minutes)