174th AHC Helicopters
Currenty on Display in the U.S.

Four Helicopters on Static Display in the U.S.

We have located four UH-1 Huey Helicopters here on display in the States that served with the 174th AHC in the RVN. Two of the aircraft are remembered fondly, but the other two- we don't have a whole lot of stories on. Maybe someone viewing this photo section remembers these "birds" and will comment. ENJOY!

Shark UH-1C 65-09430

Shark UH-1C 65-09430 was in the Unit from May 1966 (Qui Nhon) to May 1967 (Duc Pho). When it left the 174th AHC in 1967, it was transferred stateside and used by the CA Air National Guard. Today it is on static display at the PIMA Air & Space Museum in Tucson, AZ. There is not much remembered (so far) about this Shark Gunship for the one year it was in the Unit, except Lt. Col. Marty Heuer (US Army Retired) tells us that it was one of those originally assigned upon the 174th Aviation Company's first arrival to the RVN 1966 (Qui Nhon). Photo below: Shark #430 outside at the PIMA Museum

Shark UH-1C 66-15098

Shark UH-1C 66-15098 was in the Unit May 1969 to June 1970 (Duc Pho). "I picked it up at Depot Maintenance, Vung Tau on the 25 May 1969 and flew it back to Duc Pho. We were in a hurt for gun ships, so two others and I spent over a week enjoying the sun and surf while it was getting ready (smile). Upon returning, I had to report to the Bn., in detail, why the trip took so long. The big problem was the folks at Vung Tau didn't work on Sundays and that Saturday was organization day. Don't remember the other pilot that was with me, but SFC Ingram (our PC NCO) was with us as C/E."- WO1 Tom Reinshagen 'Witch Doctor' 1969.

The photo below is of Shark #098 at Duc Pho in 1970 (Photo by Robert Brackenhoff)

"I was Crew Chief when it arrived in 5/69 and stayed with her until I left the Unit August 1969. Then a 'brand new' UH-1C (5/69) it finally arrived after some sort of delay (as explained by Reinshagen above). We armed her up and I painted the shark teeth on. I meant for the mouth to look very mean and aggressive, but it unfortunately turned out to look more like a smile. Some hated the smile and others looked at it as the "smiling kiss of death." - SP5 Mark Zimmerman.

In August of 2005, Wally Nunn (174th AHC Association Pres) contacted us about this airplane, which is now in the hands of one Jeff Biles in PA. He is a young collector of museum pieces, and this indeed is one. The aircraft is miraculously intact, except for the minor need of the turbine engine and transmission. All drive shafts and rotors are intact). He wishes to bring it to one of our next Annual Reunions (either by air or flatbed).

Jeff says: "I one day hope to meet those guys and have them sign the inside one of the avionics panels on 098. It would be like a big autograph book then. There were people that I wanted to meet, that I heard about or found interesting, but kept saying 'tomorrow I'll do that' and now they are no longer with us."

I am in the process of getting quotes on paint removal and a base coat of epoxy primer. These, so far, are around $2,500.00. Because it will sit outside for the most part, I believe that a good paint base is very important. I have been involved in other projects were this step is overlooked and in a few years it looks worse than it did before being "restored". I received a copy of the paint manual from the Army Museum in Alabama. It has been very helpful in Mil-Spec numbers and color numbers. This way I now can order the topcoat and have it made by the companies that make paint for the military.

The manual also has all the stencil dimensions for the "C" model. With the help of a friend, in the military vehicle club I belong to, we have made just about all of the stencils for 098. I have recently acquired some parts from Government auction for too. I am currently buying avionics for the front electrical compartment. I am looking for UHF and VHF radios and the correct control heads. Other items that I would like help tracking down are the M156 multi-armament mounts, parts or manufacturing drawings for the M5 grenade launcher housing, 40mm ammunition feed belts and their adaptors, sound blankets for a UH-B, C, M or a Bell 204.

Also any of the control panels for the weapons systems for the M158,200 or 260 7-shot rockets, a firing control panel with the rounds counter for the M5, a good crew door and glass, co-pilot side window glass, cabin door window tracks, seat material, M60 reflex sight assembly and I would like to get a clean dash 11 engine and for now an exhaust pipe just to fill in the hole.

I am in the near future going to purchase a 7500# GVW custom made trailer based on boat trailer designs to haul 098 around. I am hoping to be able to transport 098 to a few shows locally even though my full restoration and finial project goal probably won't be completed for a few years.

Like I mentioned in our conversation, I plan on having all the lights working and recordings playing through the helmets plus aircrew uniforms so that people can get dressed up and have their picture taken in the cabin or at a gun position. With the days getting shorter I am gearing up for some of the little restoration work that I can do at my shop. I have 95% of the rotor assembly cleaned and prepped for paint. The mast is disassembled and I am going to install a new lower main bearing. With in the next few weeks I plan on having the main gearbox out and at my shop for disassembly and cleaning. The seal and boot leaked over the years and water got into the transmission.

This all should keep me busy for the winter. It is good to hear from you (and our phone conversations) and to know that there is support out there for this project. Feel free to call on me at anytime. The best number to reach me at is 484-201-5723.

Would you like to make contributions to Jeff's efforts (parts or dollar offerings)? This is all out of his pocket (literally). If you'd like to email Jeff his email address is: jbamech@nni.com. His phone number is above as well. Photos below courtesy of Jeff Biles.

Dolphin UH-1D 67-17281

Dolphin UH-1D 67-17281 was in the Unit March to May 1968 (Duc Pho). We believe that Sp5 Carl McCoy was it's Crew Chief at that time. It is currently on static display (as a Memorial) outdoors at Freeman Park next to the Airport in Burley, Idaho. Vietnam veteran Mike Campbell provides us with the photos below. That is he pointing to his name on the plaque, which lists the Vietnam Veterans Chapter who contributed to the Memorial. Mike Campbell can be reached at campav@atcnet.net.

Dolphin UH-1D 65-09911

Dolphin UH-1D 65-09911 was in the Unit- June 1966 (Qui Nhon) to April 1968 (Duc Pho). Marty Heuer tells us: "It was the 15th UH-1D assigned to the unit 28 June 1966." We know that most of the crew in 1967 was SP4 Tom Smith C/E, Doc Livingston Door Gunner and MAJ Schartz A/C. It is currently on exhibit outside a US Army Reserve barracks, near New Orleans, LA. All photos below courtesy of Tom Smith (during a visit to the Dolphin by he and Mel Lutgring in 2004). Tom can be reached at Scottracer12@aol.com.

*Note: It has been rumored that Dolphin UH-1H 68-154463 "Satan" (April 1969 - January 1971) is still in service today at Ft. Hood, TX. If any of you know anything about this or can confirm it, please respond to the webmaster (would love to have some current photos of course). Below is a photo of Dolphin 463 in Vietnam with the Agent Orange spray rig installed.