174 th A ssault
Helicopter Company

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Unit Histories, War Stories,
and Photographs

Dolphin Down! by J.C. Pennington

1969 174th AHC Photo Album

Jim Shedd: A Story and Photos Page

Cliff Berg's Photos Page

Dave Spahr's Photos Page

Jim Towle's (Shark 5) Photos Page

The Diary of a G.I., SP4 Horace Cassels' diary, published by the UPI.

Shark 157 down at Quang Ngai

Rockets Away! (now moved to Jim Towle's Photos page above)

Minigun Rock 'n Roll (now moved to Jim Towle's Photos page above)

A Rainy Dolphin Park as Seen From the POL Point

CPT Mark Fisher's Photos page

WO1 Dave Lovett in the Office

174th Company Area from Atop Mt. Bronco (now moved to Jim Towle's Photos page above)

174th Latrines at Duc Pho

Night Maintenance by the 409th TC Det

Witch Doctor Artwork Sign of the 409th TC Det

Officer's Club in early 1969

Dolphin 6 Killed in a 75mm Howitzer Attack (now moved to Jim Towle's Photos page above)

FSB Liz aerial photo

Misfits Hootch

Misfits Hootch, Higher resolution

Photo of SP4 Forest Hodgkin, KIA 1969

Photo Page of SP4 Tom Gauby, Dolphin crewchief

Crew Chief Helmet Artwork

Dolphin Lead, taken from chalk 2 early in the morning.

Shark Hootch, after shower was added

Andy Anderson and Friends

John Gibbons' Letter Home, 6 Dec 69
Flight Line on a Sunny Day (27K)

Robert Brackenhoff's Photo Composite Pages

Scratch One-each New Flare Ship

Mark Stuart Photos, Six GREAT night time-lapse and sunset helicopter photos

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