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Webmaster note: The photos below are not of the 174th Dolphins or Sharks, nor by a 174th member, but they are some of the best time exposure and sunset photos I've seen. (Who doesn't remember those WONDERFUL Vietnam sunrises and sunsets?) As Mike Sloniker said in a note to me when he forwarded these pictures to me, "When Mark Stuart is in my office in Owego NY, the entire VHPA membership in the 4000 person Lockheed Martin Systems Integration-Owego is present. Mark was in the 155th AHC in 68-69 at Ban Me Thout and in H/10 Cav in 72-73 at Pleiku. I have NEVER seen such amazing sunset pictures, nor time exposure Charlie Model gun runs. Stuart is still in the ARNG flying hueys...."

In a note I received from Mark, he said "...I was cleaning out my closet and found an old brief case that I haven't seen in 30 years. I started going through it and found my Vietnam DEROS orders and these pictures. As I said I hadn't seen them is 30 years. I often wondered what happened to them, just figured they were lost years ago. They were in such good shape because they haven't seen sun light in all those years. In a way it worked out better this way, now they are posted on your website for display to the world instead of just hanging on a wall somewhere."

I agree with Mark, and I appreciate him letting us display his photos on our home page. Below are some of the photos he found.

~Jim McD., Webmaster

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