174th Assault
Helicopter Company

Andy Anderson and Friends

Webmaster note. I received a letter with three attached photographs from Millard O. (Andy) Anderson in August 1998. Below are some excerpts from Andy's letter to me:

Dear Jim,

I was the 1st Platoon leader in 1969-70. I have included three photos that you may want to use on the website.

The first photograph is of me; John Stoddard, the 174th Operations Officer in 69-70; Russ Lay, 2nd Platoon Leader in 69-70; and Mike Gibbons. This photo was taken in our hootch during Christmas/New Years, 1969-70, just before Mike was killed.

The second photo was taken the same evening and is of Russ and me in our hootch.

I've followed that photo with another photo of Russ and me, together again after 28 1/2 years, at the 1998 VHPA reunion in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Andy Anderson

(Photos property of Andy Anderson, Duc Pho, 1969/70)

Below, left to right: Andy Anderson, John Stoddard, Russell Lay, Mike Gibbons
Christmas/New Years 1969-70, Duc Pho

Below, left to right: Andy Anderson and Russell Lay
Christmas/New Years, 1969-70, Duc Pho

Below, left to right: Andy Anderson and Russ Lay
1998 VHPA Reunion, Ft. Worth, TX

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