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John Gibbons' Letter Home

CPT John M. Gibbons
16 Feb 46
12 Feb 70
Sayville NY

Webmaster note: In February 2001, I received an e-mail from Don Law. Below is his e-mail note, and below that is the letter he received from John Gibbons. The letter was written about two months before John's death:

"Thank you for providing information about John's death. He was my college roomate for a year and half and was my closest friend. I left college and served in Viet Nam. John was just going there as I returned. No one contacted me about his death. His letters just stopped abruptly. I know he loved flying and I will include an attachment of one his letters from Nam. Maybe you can post it on your web site. John had sisters and I have often wondered how they were so if you recieve any info from them I would be interested in any information about his family. I have been to his grave in Sayville, NY. I did manage to meet some relatives but no immediate family. I would also be interested in talking with anyone who knew him in VN. Thanks for a great web site. Semper Fi. Don Law"

Don Law's e-mail address is dlaw2@twcny.rr.com.

In the letter below that John wrote to his friend Don, he begins talking about a "care package" of cookies Don had sent him. Don being a Marine, John kids him about baking cookies not fitting the "Marine image." The rest of the letter is self-explanatory. The photo of John at upper-right was taken by David Rosenthal about two days before John's death.

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