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1969 Photo Album

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In 1969, the 174th AHC produced a photo album somewhat similar to the 14th Aviation Battalion's photo book from 1967. The biggest difference between this book and the 1967 book is that this book is exclusively 174th AHC. The book is 8"x10", bound with hardcover, and has over 70 pages. The cover, above and slightly "battle scarred," is in color. All the rest of the book is in black-and-white.

We will reproduce ALL of the pages in the book here, and will have one page of the photo album for each "website page" listed below. Most of the pages have some captions below the photos, and very few additional captions will be added to what's already in the book. We will let the book speak for itself.

Most of the pages will have a blue cube at the bottom of the page that will take you to an enlargement of the page or portions of the page, should you wish to see the page in closer detail. You may have to scroll left-and-right and up-and-down to see all the image. By clicking the "back" button on the top of your browser while viewing the enlarged photo, you'll be returned to the page with the smaller photo.

A word of thanks... I'd like to publically thank our 174th AHC Fan Club president, Warren Hewetson, for his help in scanning all the pages of this book. His volunteer work with this and other projects is helping considerably in improving this 174th website.

--Jim McD.

1969 Photo Book CONTENTS

Left inside cover: Photo collage
Right inside cover: Photo collage
Pg. 1: Title Page
Pg. 2: Dolphin 6, Major Blevins
Pg. 3: XO and First Sergeant
Pg. 4: HQ Admin Staff
Pg. 5: Supply
Pg. 6: Supply
Pg. 7: Motor Pool
Pg. 8: Motor Pool
Pg. 9: Motor Pool
Pg. 10: Motor Pool
Pg. 11: Motor Pool
Pg. 12: Operations Section
Pg. 13: Operations Section
Pg. 14: Maintenance Section
Pg. 15: Maintenance Section
Pg. 16: Maintenance Section
Pg. 17: Maintenance Section
Pg. 18: Maintenance Section
Pg. 19: Maintenance Section
Pg. 20: Maintenance Section
Pg. 21: Maintenance Section
Pg. 22: Maintenance Section
Pg. 23: Maintenance Section
Pg. 24: Maintenance Section
Pg. 25: Maintenance Section
Pg. 26: Maintenance Section
Pg. 27: Maintenance Section
Pg. 28: Maintenance Section
Pg. 29: Maintenance Section
Pg. 30: Maintenance Section
Pg. 31: Maintenance Section
Pg. 32: Avionics and Commo
Pg. 33: Avionics and Commo
Pg. 34: Shark Gun Platoon
Pg. 35: Shark Gun Platoon
Pg. 36: Shark Gun Platoon
Pg. 37: Shark Gun Platoon
Pg. 38: Sharks and Dolphins
Pg. 39: Sharks and Dolphins
Pg. 40: Dolphin Slick Platoons
Pg. 41: Dolphin 1st & 2nd Platoon Sergeants
Pg. 42: Dolphins
Pg. 43: Dolphins
Pg. 44: Sharks and Photo of Company Area
Pg. 45: Medics
Pg. 46: Mess Hall
Pg. 47: Mess Hall
Pg. 48: Awards Ceremony (with COL Townsend)
Pg. 49: More Awards Ceremony
Pg. 50: Last of Awards Ceremony
Pg. 51: At the Club
Pg. 52: Miscellaneous Shots of the Guys
Pg. 53: Miscellaneous Shots of the Guys
Pg. 54: Hootch Maids and Haircuts
Pg. 55: Individual Mug Shots (Starting with Dolphin 6)
Pg. 56: Mug Shots (RLOs)
Pg. 57: Mug Shots (WOs)
Pg. 58: Mug Shots (WOs & RLOs)
Pg. 59: Mug Shots (WOs & NCOs)
Pg. 60: Mug Shots (NCOs)
Pg. 61: Mug Shots (NCOs)
Pg. 62: Mug Shots (NCOs & EM)
Pg. 63: Mug Shots (EM)
Pg. 64: Mug Shots (EM)
Pg. 65: Mug Shots (EM)
Pg. 66: Mug Shots (EM)
Pg. 67: Mug Shots (EM)
Pg. 68: Mug Shots (EM)
Pg. 69: Mug Shots (EM)
Pg. 70: Mug Shots (EM)
Pg. 71: Mug Shots (EM)
Left-rear inside cover: Photo collage
Right-rear inside cover: Photo collage

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