174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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WO1 Dave Lovett

Photo of Dave Lovett in "the office" of his Dolphin slick. This was taken in the Spring of 1969. Note the nylon mesh seat inside the armor plated shell surrounding it; the armor plate on the left side of his seat that's slid forward; the subdued WO1 "brass" on his two-piece nomex flight suit; the top of his chicken plate (chest armor) that's just visible; the clear plexiglass eye shield built into the helmet; the first aid kit over his left shoulder; the red/white map light over his helmet; the padded covering over the windshield wiper motor at the top of the windshield (to keep head-lumps down during a pilot's less successful landings); the intense concentration; the really cool moustache; and the LOOSE CHIN STRAP! (Photo property of Dave Lovett)