174th Assault
Helicopter Company

Unit Histories,
War Stories,
and Photographs

174th's Unit Activation Orders

1965-66 Official 174th Unit History

USNS Upshur, the 174's Taxi to the War Zone

A Company Clerk's Diary, Part 1

A Company Clerk's Diary, Part 2

A Company Clerk's Diary, Part 3

The 174th From Ft. Benning to Lane AHP Long narrative with photos of some plank-owners.

Lane Army Heliport, the 174th's First Home

Sharks -- The Early Years, Recollections of Dick Overhamm

Pre-Teeth Sharks

Bernie Cobb, the First Shark 6

174th AvnCo as Remembered by Robert (Bob) Jones

Notes and photos from MAJ Jim Shrader, First 174th Ops Officer

Ever see an 8-and-a-half-foot-long Python??

174th Ambushes V.C. Ambush, Newspaper article (text only).

Transmission Replacement

ROKs - Army Aviators Combine to Smash Charlie, Newspaper article (text only).

Relaxing By the Swimming Hole

Bringing One Home

Westlake, Boyer, and Cox

SP5 Tom Miller's Photos Page Shark 423 Crewchief

Paul Kunelius' Photos Page

Derald Smith's Photos Page

Tom Auman's Photos Page

Ron Newcomer's Photos Page

Wayne Medeiros' Photos Page

Obit. for COL Richard G. "Dick" Legener

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