174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Vietnam 1966-1971

Photos Page of:

1Lt. Ron Newcomer
Dolphin 20

2nd Platoon Dolphin Leader
September 1966-1967

(All photos property of Ron Newcomer)

"I was assigned to the 174th AvnCo. (Dolphins & Sharks), 14th Aviation Battalion, Qui Nhon RVN, September 1966. Platoon leader of the 2nd Platoon from May 1967 until September 1967, call sign Dolphin Two Zero. For a short period of time (November '66 through May '67), in addition to my flight duties, I was designated motor pool officer. While serving with the 174th AHC I was stationed at Lane Army Heliport outside of Qui Nhon; TDY at Nha Trang flying special missions for the 5th Special Forces Group; Ninh Hoa where the 174th flew support for the Korean Infantry Division headquartered there; Tuy Hoa which was a field assignment with the Koreans; and finally Duc Pho in support of the newly reorganized Americal Division. While in country I was awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Army Commendation Medal with "V" device, the Bronze Star, and the Air Medal with 19 oak leaf clusters."- Ron

"The below three shots are poses by a mixture of Dolphins and Sharks (Duc Pho 1967). I remember a lot of the guys who flew together back then: 1LT Jack Flynn; WO1 Larry Martin; WO1 Jim Campbell; WO1 Mike Cruikshank; WO1 Mike Cavin; WO1 Jim McDaniel (a green young pilot in the spring of 67'); WO1 Willy Williams; and so many others."

"174th Avn. Co. Lane AHP, Qui Nhon 1966."

"Me posing beside my ship at Ninh Hoa."

"A little volley ball game to pass time at Ninh Hoa."

Cpt. John Banke (right) and me at Ninh Hoa posing by 'King Kahuna'."

"All guys from 2nd Platoon (l-r: Ron Newcomer, 'Cuz' Williams, 'Pete' Moss and Larry Martin)."

"Dolphin noseart 1967"

"Horseshoes behind our tent (Duc Pho 1967)."

The opening to our tent. Notice the sign "We're No. 2, We Try Harder"
(being the Second Platoon). The 1st Platoon had a sign which read:
"The 1Flt Plt, No Fancy Slogans, We're Number One."

The two guys in discusion are in front of our (2nd Platoon) tent."
Note the sandbag bunker between our tent and the next tent
(the Shark pilot's tent)

"The Duc Pho air strip from the northeast."

"Aerial view (facing Bronco)of the 174th AHC company area."

"Inside our tent."

Above is a photograph of me from my tour in RVN, sitting in the
cargo bay of a UH-1D Dolphin on the ramp at Duc Pho in July 1967.
Incidentally, I still use that same watch you see on my right wrist."

" The Orderly Room tent Duc Pho 1967."

"'100 Percent Flyable' Duc pho 1967."

"The Shark Park, Duc Pho 1967."

"1Lt Jack Flynn 1967."

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