174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Ever see an 8-and-a-half-foot-long Python??

This is Lieutenant Colonel Bernie Cobb, the first Shark 6, shortly after his transfer from the 174th to the 52nd Aviation Battalion in Pleiku. This is an eight-foot, seven-inch python that weighed 50 pounds and had a 14-inch girth. In a recent e-mail note to the webmaster, after this picture had been on the home page less than a week, Bernie said "Somebody has already asked me if I had a nice 'snake belt' hanging in my closet at home. No. The snake became a mascot for the 52nd Battalion and its home was in the O'Club at Camp Holloway. I suppose it must be dead by now. How long do pythons live, anyway?" (Photo property of Bernie Cobb)

Ugh, Don't Know, I HOPE it's dead by now. Tink Yew!.... --Webmaster