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174th Assault
Helicopter Company


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WO1-CW2 Tom Auman

Dolphin and Shark Pilot

Lane Army Heliport 1966, Ninh Hoa 1967 and Duc Pho 1967

Me at Nha Trang late 1966, where we (174th AHC) had
an attachment flying II Corp Headquarters Staff around.
Notice my "spit and polish"! Had to impress them boys!

A mid-1967 surreal photo of my 1st Platoon slick. Maybe UH-1D #65-9648.
The 1st Platoon had a yellow scarf on the Dolphin nose art (2nd Platoon had red).
Notice Bronco in right rear of this photo.

We moved north to Ninh Hoa for a couple of months in early 1967,
before we moved up to Duc Pho. This photo is of a CA for some Korean
"White Horse" Division infantry on a ridgeline north of Ninh Hoa.
Those Koreans were capable and vicious fighters!

A patch worn by the Korean White Horse Division. While at Lane AHP,
the 174th AHC was primarily assigned to support the ROKs (Republic of Korea)
and the 22nd ARVN (Army of Vietnam) Division.

I wish I was this skinny again! In early 1967, the 174th and
other parts of the 14th Avn. Bn. went south to take part in what
at that time was the largest helicopter operation of the war
(approximately 5 Assault Companies and a Company of Chinooks with
a lot of support folks). We staged out of Bao Loc tea plantation area.
This was a top secret mission to hopefully raid an in-country POW camp,
where there was reported to be US prisoners. The raid was a failure.
The camp was deserted.

This was a Company size CA (combat assault) in April of 1967.
We were heading north along the coast just north of Duc Pho.
If you look to the far left of the formation, you can see a Shark
gunship ahead of me. Just to the left of that, you can see smoke
from the artillery prep on the ground in the LZ (landing zone).

Duc Pho Area of Operations early 1967. Note GP tents. We didn't
have the wooden construction living conditions (hootches) then.
Bronco can be seen at the right of the photo.

Same CA as mentioned above. You can clearly see the artillery smoke here!