174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Paul Kunelius:
Shark 137 Undergoing Dental Work

Paul says: "These next two photos are of newly arrived Shark 137 (UH-1C 66-15137) in July '67. There were only 20 hrs on this bird upon arrival. Even though I was 'short' (DEROSed in Aug '67), this was my gunship and I had just picked it up from Saigon. It took about a month to get it ready! The Sharks Teeth idea was brand new when I arrived in Aug '66."

Webmaster note: As is mentioned in the 174th aircraft tail numbers page, Shark 137 was a UH-1C and had more hours in the 174th than any other Shark, with 1,778 hours. She came off the assembly line in May '67, arrived in Jul '67, and was lost in Mar '70. Many different pilots and crewmembers flew combat missions with her during those years.