174th Assault
Helicopter Company


174th AHC 2003 Reunion Photos
By Chas Simmons

174th Dolphin nose art.html
174th Dolphin nose art.jpg
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Sherry Fields.html
Sherry Fields.jpg
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Sherry Field 2.html
Sherry Field 2.jpg
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Carol-Walt Bergmann-Pat Mitchell.html
Carol-Walt Bergmann-Pat Mitchell.jpg
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Pat Mitchell table.html
Pat Mitchell table.jpg
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Irene Nunn.html
Irene Nunn.jpg
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Irene Nunn 2.html
Irene Nunn 2.jpg
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PT Yowell-Wally Nunn.html
PT Yowell-Wally Nunn.jpg
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Group with Irene Nunn.html
Group with Irene Nunn.jpg
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Mel Lutgring.html
Mel Lutgring.jpg
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Mel Lutgring 2.html
Mel Lutgring 2.jpg
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Mel Lutgring 3.html
Mel Lutgring 3.jpg
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Mel Lutgring 4.html
Mel Lutgring 4.jpg
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Dee Lutgring.html
Dee Lutgring.jpg
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Bob Jones-Mel Lutgring table.html
Bob Jones-Mel Lutgring table.jpg
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James Lutgring-Lindsay Lomas.html
James Lutgring-Lindsay Lomas.jpg
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Janet Cobb.html
Janet Cobb.jpg
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Janet-Bernie Cobb.html
Janet-Bernie Cobb.jpg
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Janet Cobb group.html
Janet Cobb group.jpg
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Ted Saunders.html
Ted Saunders.jpg
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Bruce Marshall.html
Bruce Marshall.jpg
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Mary Marshall.html
Mary Marshall.jpg
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Little Miss 174th-Rachel.html
Little Miss 174th-Rachel.jpg
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Mary-Rachel-Bruce Marshall table.html
Mary-Rachel-Bruce Marshall table.jpg
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Bob-Mike-Bruce 2.html
Bob-Mike-Bruce 2.jpg
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Bob Jansen.html
Bob Jansen.jpg
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Debbie Bogert.html
Debbie Bogert.jpg
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Bob-Debbi-Jim-Yogi table.html
Bob-Debbi-Jim-Yogi table.jpg
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Bob-Debbi-Jim-Yogi-Renee table.html
Bob-Debbi-Jim-Yogi-Renee table.jpg
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Renee Reeves-Debbie Bogert.html
Renee Reeves-Debbie Bogert.jpg
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Walt Bergman.html
Walt Bergman.jpg
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Carol Bergman.html
Carol Bergman.jpg
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Frank Brown table.html
Frank Brown table.jpg
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Schultz table.html
Schultz table.jpg
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Marvin-Philomene Schultz.html
Marvin-Philomene Schultz.jpg
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Tom Gauby.html
Tom Gauby.jpg
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Tom Gauby 2.html
Tom Gauby 2.jpg
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Tom Gauby 3.html
Tom Gauby 3.jpg
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Billy Wood.html
Billy Wood.jpg
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Patricia-Bear Bryant.html
Patricia-Bear Bryant.jpg
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Bear Bryant-Tom Caponetto.html
Bear Bryant-Tom Caponetto.jpg
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Janith-Larry McLeod.html
Janith-Larry McLeod.jpg
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David-Patty Brull.html
David-Patty Brull.jpg
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David-Patty Brull table.html
David-Patty Brull table.jpg
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Rick Boston-AJ Alberti.html
Rick Boston-AJ Alberti.jpg
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AJ Alberti-Rich Boston.html
AJ Alberti-Rich Boston.jpg
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Tom Caponetto table.html
Tom Caponetto table.jpg
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Ken-Sonya Dunham.html
Ken-Sonya Dunham.jpg
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Dean-Nancy Lind.html
Dean-Nancy Lind.jpg
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David-Cheryl Clark.html
David-Cheryl Clark.jpg
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Jim McDaniel table.html
Jim McDaniel table.jpg
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Fred-Bonnie Taylor.html
Fred-Bonnie Taylor.jpg
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Tom xx table.html
Tom xx table.jpg
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Al-Ruth Sarnecki table.html
Al-Ruth Sarnecki table.jpg
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blonde in black table.html
blonde in black table.jpg
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Deb-Randy Brink table.html
Deb-Randy Brink table.jpg
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Mike Bovre table.html
Mike Bovre table.jpg
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Tom Taggart table.html
Tom Taggart table.jpg
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Carl Muthersbaugh table.html
Carl Muthersbaugh table.jpg
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Dana-Shirley Schwalbe.html
Dana-Shirley Schwalbe.jpg
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Ken Johnson table.html
Ken Johnson table.jpg
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Jim-Merideth Hipp.html
Jim-Merideth Hipp.jpg
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Lekita-Ron Wallace.html
Lekita-Ron Wallace.jpg
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Renee Reeves.html
Renee Reeves.jpg
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Modjeski-Mike Basler.html
Modjeski-Mike Basler.jpg
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Mike-Bruce-Jeff Morris-Mo.html
Mike-Bruce-Jeff Morris-Mo.jpg
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Mike Basler.html
Mike Basler.jpg
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Kathy Basler.html
Kathy Basler.jpg
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Mike-Kathy Basler.html
Mike-Kathy Basler.jpg
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Jeff Morris.html
Jeff Morris.jpg
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Charles Bischdorf.html
Charles Bischdorf.jpg
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Al Sarnecki group.html
Al Sarnecki group.jpg
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Tom Smith-Ted Saunders.html
Tom Smith-Ted Saunders.jpg
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Dale Parker.jpg
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Tom Larkin.html
Tom Larkin.jpg
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PT Yowell.html
PT Yowell.jpg
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Donna Thompson.html
Donna Thompson.jpg
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Donna Thompson 2.html
Donna Thompson 2.jpg
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Donna Thompson 3.html
Donna Thompson 3.jpg
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Peggy Mahone.html
Peggy Mahone.jpg
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Miss 174th-caterer.html
Miss 174th-caterer.jpg
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1966 group-boat people.html
1966 group-boat people.jpg
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1966 group-boat people 2.html
1966 group-boat people 2.jpg
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Early Sharks.html
Early Sharks.jpg
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Early Sharks 2.html
Early Sharks 2.jpg
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1967 group.html
1967 group.jpg
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1967 group 2.html
1967 group 2.jpg
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1968 group.html
1968 group.jpg
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1968 group 2.html
1968 group 2.jpg
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1969 group.html
1969 group.jpg
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1969 Group 2.html
1969 Group 2.jpg
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1970 Group.html
1970 Group.jpg
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1970 Group 2.html
1970 Group 2.jpg
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1971 Group - Wha chew pointing at.html
1971 Group - Wha chew pointing at.jpg
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1971 Group 2.html
1971 Group 2.jpg
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Ladies Group-left side.html
Ladies Group-left side.jpg
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Ladies Group-middle.html
Ladies Group-middle.jpg
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Ladies Group-right side.html
Ladies Group-right side.jpg
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Ladies Group-middle 2.html
Ladies Group-middle 2.jpg
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Jim McDaniel salutes.html
Jim McDaniel salutes.jpg
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Jim McDaniel salutes 2.html
Jim McDaniel salutes 2.jpg
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Farewell group by Drew Siimmons.html
Farewell group by Drew Simmons.jpg
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Chas Simmons by Mel Lutgring.html
Chas Simmons by Mel Lutgring.jpg
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Mel Lutgring-Chas by Dee Lutgring.html
Mel Lutgring-Chas by Dee Lutgring.jpg
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Tailend group by Dee Lutgring.html
Tailend group by Drew Simmons.jpg
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Bernie Cobb.html
Bernie Cobb.jpg
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Pat Mitchell.html
Pat Mitchell.jpg
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Wally Nunn 2.html
Wally Nunn 2.jpg
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Wally Nunn.html
Wally Nunn.jpg
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