174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Flying C&C at LZ Crystal

L-to-R: WO1 Davenport and 1LT Wood. This is a most interesting photo taken in May 1967. This is an early nose-art Dolphin drawing. Until your Webmaster received it in early 1998, he didn't know that an earlier UH-1D Dolphin had nose-art prior to the Dolphin nose-art drawn by WO1 Richard Machina in July 1967, that became widely used in the unit for several years. This is the only other Dolphin nose-art known in early 1967. This helicopter was being flown as a Command and Control (C&C) ship, and has had a rather unorthodox modification (2x4 wooden brace?) placed between the skids. It is probably used to brace an extra antenna that was used inside the aircraft by the ground commander. The origins of this Dolphin's nose art are not yet known. (Anyone reading this who knows the history, please let your Webmaster know.) The back of the photo says this was at LZ Crystal. Photo and enlargement below. (Property of Billy Wood, May 67)

WEBMASTER NOTE: In April 2012 I got the following e-mail note from John Robinson, "Hi! My name is John Robinson and I know the origin of the original Dolphin nose art in the white circle. I designed it and that is my aircraft, Dolphin 874, shown in the photo. I also took the photo. I believe I did paint the logo on several more aircraft before Mr. Machina came up with his design. Thank you for the website. I am glad I could share this information with you!"
Thanks John.
~Jim McD>