174th Assault
Helicopter Company


1st Platoon Pilots' Tent at Nin Hoa

Here are five Dolphin first platoon pilots lounging around the entrance to their fledgling
hootch at Ninh Hoa, not long before the 174th moved to Duc Pho. Note the wooden
framing for the canvas roof and that construction is just beginning on the wooden sides
of the hootch on the near-right corner. It was usual for the hootches to be constructed
under the existing tent, and the men usually lived in the tents as they were converted
to hootches. Names of the first two pilots on the left are not recalled, 3rd from left is
WO1 Davenport, then CPT Hooten (seated), and 1LT Wood. Interesting that there are
four pairs of jungle boots being "aired-out" in front of the tent. A sleeping bag is also
being aired-out on the roof bracing to the right and laundry drying to the right of it.
Photo and enlargement below. (Property of Billy Wood, Feb/Mar 67)