174th Assault
Helicopter Company

PFC Allen Weamer

Door Gunner on Dolphin 061

DOB: 31 December 1948
DOD: 13 June 1968
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
Wall panel: 57W15

Webmaster Note: One of the benefits of being webmaster for the 174th AHC is to have the honor of meeting and talking with friends and family of our brothers who were lost in combat. I have been contacted by relatives of many over the years, and it is always gratifying to spend some time (usually electronically) with our brother's parents, brothers, sisters, and occasionally children. It is always sobering. Those of us who did return should consider ourselves in some small way as sharing our life with those who were not so fortunate. In early 2004 I received the following communication, via e-mail, about PFC Allen Weamer, door gunner on Dolphin 016. God bless these men. God bless their families. ~Jim McD.


To: 174th AHC Webmaster,

I have visited these sites many times, Allen was my son. I am putting a book together of Allen for my 3 children. I have gotten so much information on these sites which I really appreciate. Thanks so much... I have taken all of Allen's papers, which I had saved, along with pictures, and have made copies for my children. I have waited all these years as it was always hard to go through his things. But as I am getting older it is time to get these things together in memory of my son Allen. I have been able to visit the Wall in Washington DC twice, and I also went to his grave in Arlington a few years ago.

Thanks again.

Dorothy Weamer


Dear Mrs. Weamer,

Thank you so much for your note...

My heart goes out to you for your loss. A mother's love for her child has no equal. I think what you are doing for your other three children, in the form of a book about Allen, is wonderful! I know they will treasure their copy. If you would like to send me a photo of Allen via e-mail, I'd be proud to put his photo on the web page as well -- but only if you wish of course.

Matter of fact, I'd also be very happy to include additional information on Allen on the website. I could put his information on his own dedicated page. To this point I've had no photographs or additional information on Allen to include. If you'd like to have it there, I'll work with you to prepare it.

I am including on this note a number of former 174th AHC members who communicate via e-mail. I believe some of them were there in Vietnam the same time as Allen and served with him. Although they were not all there at that time, I think all would like to share in your note to me. I hope you don't mind that I'm including them.

Flight, if any of you knew Allen Weamer and would like to drop his mom a note, I'm sure she would appreciate it. If you have any specific memories of Allen, you know she'd love to hear them. She may wish to include any responses in her books for her other children (who are probably now adults our age of course).

Thanks again for writing Mrs. Weamer. It was good to hear from you.

Jim McDaniel
174th AHC Webmaster


Thank you so much for answering my letter.

I will be keeping in touch and am having a friend of Allen's send you a picture. This is going to take a little time to get it together. Allen's friend's name is Jim (he was also a neighbor of ours) and I got a very nice letter from him one day, what a nice suprise. We keep in touch. I do have a grandson in the Marines who has completed one tour in Iraq and is headed back to Iraq soon for a second tour. I also have a grandson in the Army Reserve. So you see the military follows our family. I am proud of my family and the love for their Country. Allen's Dad is no longer living. He was very proud of Allen. Allen was our oldest. I have 2 daughters and one son which is the youngest.

Dorothy Weamer



I was a childhood playmate of Allen Weamer, and we use to play Army with the other neighborhood kids, back in the 50's.

After high school, in 1965, I lost touch with him, and when I was in Vietnam 67-68 I was reading some confidential papers and saw his name on the list, he had been killed in action... Needless to say I experienced, at a very high level, every emotion a G.I., a friend, and childhood playmate could feel at such a time.... Mostly disbelief!!!

Allen was killed on the day before my 21st birthday.... His death was June 13th and I turned 21 on June 14, 1968.........

Mrs. Weamer, Allen's mom, came to my mom's funeral here, back in November of 2003, and we chatted and she sent me some photos of Allen. I touched them up electronically with much love and care. I could see the war in his face, the tiredness, the questions, It had been years since I had cried over a death from the war, and fittingly so Allen should be the last. He was one of the first friends my brothers and I had as children in the neighborhood.

What can I say that has not already been said over the many men and women who gave their all for a value America holds true, and that is "Freedom Is For All........... Not Just A Few....."

Allen was fun, a goofy comic and full of unidentified energy! He was a loyal friend and, although I did not see him in the Nam, I can bet he made life a lot easier for his buds, as best as he could.... Allen missed out on a lot being killed, a fast car, a wife, kids, grandkids, computers and so much more. Allen was an avid photo guy and curious as heck. This note is not about me, and I apologize for the word "I" coming up so much.... Allen easily could have been the man of the year, the unit and best friend a friend could have. It is such a shame he is part of the ages now and has been for 37 years next month. There is no turning the clock back, but Allen will be waiting for all of us at Heaven's gate, with that great big silly grin he had....


Jim Wirth
Eugene, Oregon

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