174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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174th Mini-Reunion at Santa Clara, 1996

Although there were more than this who attended the 174th AHC mini-reunion at the VHPA annual reunion in Santa Clara, California in July 1996, these were all that were left in the room when the photographer finally showed up. Front row left to right: John Stoddard, Dolphin (69-70); Dale Spratt, Dolphin 6 (70-71); Butch Elliott, Witchdoctor 5 (70-71); Fred Thompson, Shark 7 (70-71); Jim McDaniel, Shark 4, (67-68); J.C. Pennington, Shark 4 (68-69); Standing left to right: Mike Sloniker, Dolphin 15 (71); Jeff Zavales, Shark 4 (69-70); Bob Buchanan, Dolphin (69-70)