174th Assault
Helicopter Company

174th Assault Helicopter Company

Milton Thomas and Tony Yates

(All Four Photos and Captions by Sam Sours. Duc Pho, Fall 1968

This series of pictures is of Milton Thomas, with Tony Yates in the bottom photo. It was taken behind the headquarters enlisted hooch. Thomas was in the 409th TC Det. and got some souvenirs while in Vung Tau for some schooling. When he left Vung Tau, some extra clothing "ended up" in his baggage--a dress and full set of underwear. I don't know how the young lady who formerly owned these items managed to get home with any modesty. We had some fun watching Thomas.

Our Papa San and Tony Yates also got into the act of trying on the dress and bra.

Yes, I said Papa San (not Mama San). We were having some problems with the woman that worked for us so we hired a man instead. He was probably V.C., but he worked harder than any of the women we had, and he kept the place better too. He also knew how to put a good shine on our boots. With him around we had no problem with things missing.

Below (with hat) is Tony Yates with Milton Thomas. The buillding behind Tony without the sand bags is our shower.

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