174th Assault
Helicopter Company

Ed Selesky

Webmaster note: Ed Selesky was a Dolphin door gunner/crewchief in 1967. Ed does not have a computer, but I received the below two photographs via e-mail from his brother, Tom Selesky. Tom says that his mom came upon these photos of Ed in-country and thought I might be interested.

Ed is sitting on the cargo floor on the left. The other crewmember on the right has Private First Class stripes on his shoulder. (That one-striper identifies a Private E-2 in today's Army, but in '67 it was a PFC.) Tom thinks the second guy helping Ed destroy this Dolphin is Gary Herbert, and he has no Idea who either set of legs belong to. I contacted Gary, and he says it's not him. Wally Nunn says he believes the other person is PFC Ron Hood.

(It's now time to hear from Ron Hood. Ron, is this you? Let me know. What's your new e-mail address? --Jim)

Below the first photo I've added an enlargement of our two trouble-makers. Below that photo is a solo picture of Ed. --Jim

(Photos property of Ed Selesky, Duc Pho, 1967)

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