174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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174th Members at the VHPA Reno Reunion in 1991

The entrance to the "Biggest Little City in the World," site of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association's 1991 reunion. The VHPA reunions are always held on the weekend closest to July 4th each year. All photos this page property of or taken by Jim McDaniel at the Reno reunion.

Fred Thompson, Shark 7, (1970-71).

Above, left to right: Dale Spratt (Dolphin-6, 71), Jim McDaniel (67-68), Jim Hipp (68 & 70-71), Gary Harter (70-71), Rick Gregore (70-71), Fred Thompson (70-71), Bob Jansen (70-71).

Rick Gregore, Dolphin 25 and Shark 12, (70-71).

Bob Jansen, Shark crew chief, 70-71.

Left to right: Jim Towle (68-69), Fred Thompson (70-71), Jim McDaniel (67-68), Mike Sloniker (71)

Left to right: Bob Jansen (CE 70-71), Mike Sloniker (coughing up a fur-ball) (71), Jim Young (67-68), Jeff Zavales (69-70), Jim Towle (68-69), Jim McDaniel (67-68), Fred Thompson (70-71). Photo reproduced below in greater detail.

Jim Young, right, teaching Mike Sloniker how to whistle.

Jim Hipp, Shark pilot in 68 and Dolphin platoon leader in 70-71