174th Assault
Helicopter Company



By: Mel Lutgring
In memory of Dick Kirk, modeler and friend.

The bright light illuminates his solitary task,
As his oversized shadow, on the wall is cast,
Adding irony to the subject of his attention,
A consummate hobby he rarely mentions.

Loved ones question long hours of his absence,
Over something they think makes little sense.
Yet he persistently, for days on end toils,
Creating delicate miniatures the ignorant call toys.

Possessing accomplished artist and master craftsman talents,
He meticulously assembles priceless accomplishments.
Ranging from petite figures with eyes that seemingly traverse,
To monster trucks whose gear shift slips into reverse.

Rusting and muddy armor with tracks that clank,
Aircraft with detailed engines ready to crank.
Sleek modern jets, fancy colorful cars that race,
Current and futuristic contraptions from outer space.

Some of the many topics to name but a few,
Of the many scale modelers known to me and you.
He captures history down to the smallest detail,
As we eagerly await his next creation, without fail.

By: Mel Lutgring
174th Assault Helicopter Company
Chu Lai, Vietnam, 1971