174th Assault
Helicopter Company

32 Dolphins and Sharks at the 1993 Phoenix VHPA Reunion

This photo shows 32 pilots and crewmembers from the 174th who attended the Phoenix VHPA reunion (it was actually held in nearby Scottsdale, AZ). For increased detail, see larger image of this same photo below this caption box.

Left to right, front row: Terry Rollinger (Nam Jam), Jim Mitchell, Ray Earven, Danny Shifflet, the late Terry Hays (blond guy on the lower right). Row 2: Steve Ratcliffe, Chris Hodges, John Stoddard, Lee Pistone, Gary Fisher (bald), Rick Nelson (striped shirt), Tom Bebber (off to the right in dark hat), and Rich Wondra. Row 3: Jim Story (white hat), Jim Young, Buck Buchanan, Ralph Bellizzi, Rick Cichowski, Lovett, Rick Gregoire, and Dave Rosenthal. Row 4: Danny Davison (finger), Tom Taggart, Jim McDaniel, Glen Gibson, Chick Luther, Dick Overhamm, Rod Bither, Chuck Miller, Duke Varner, Fred Thompson, and Hector Balboa.

Scottsdale (Phoenix) was the largest attended reunion by the 174th with 49. Those attending (not all included in this photo) included:

Crewmembers: 1. Hector Balboa 2. Danny Davison 3. Ray Earven 4. Chris Hodges 5. Frank Martinez 6. Danny Rapier 7. Steve Ratcliffe 8. Yogi Reeves 9. Terry Rollinger 10. Rick Sass 11. Tom Taggart 12. Mike Walsh

Pilots: 1. Tom Bebber 2. Ralph Bellizzi 3. Rod Bither 4. Buck Buchanan 5. Rich Cichowski 6. Gary Fisher 7. Glen Gibson 8. Rick Gregiore 9. Gary Harter 10. Terry Hays (died in 1995) 11.Marty Heuer 12. Bennie Holmes 13. Lovett 14. Art Magee 15. Jim McDaniel 16. Orville McNatt 17. Chuck Miller 18. Jim Mitchell 19. Richard Nelson 20. Dirick "Dick" Overhamm 21. Rudy Pick 22. Lee Pistone 23. Dave Rosenthal 24. Danny Shiflet 25. Mike Sloniker 26. John Stoddard 27. Jim Story 28. Fred Thompson 29. Rudy Torres 30. Neal "Duke" Varner 31. Ron Wallace 32. Jack Westlake 33. Chinch Wollerton 34. Rick Wondra 35. Jim Young 36. Dave Lovett 37. Chick Luther

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