174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Crewchiefs and Gunners of the 174th

The four photos below were provided by Wally Nunn of a number of his friends in 1968. All are crewchiefs and gunners who flew with the Dolphins and Sharks. Each photo will have those persons identified below the photo whose names can be remembered. (Webmaster's note: After 30 years, some of the names have understandably drifted away. If anyone recognizes those who are not named here, please let me know and I'll update the captions.) (All four photos property of Wally Nunn and taken at Duc Pho in 1968)

Now doesn't this one above remind you of a record album cover of some rock group? Wally Nunn is standing at the top left (with moustache). Standing top right is SP4 Eric Kemper. According to Perry Eastham, Eric now lives in Sacramento, CA. The middle three are Gary Herbert (glasses), David (Doc) Livingstone (now living in Releigh, NC), and SP4 S. Delnero. The bottom left is unidentified, and the bottom right has been identified by G.L. Head as a door gunner from California named Hard. It's also interesting to note that Herbert's SP5 stripes appear to be SP4 stripes, modified with a "magic marker" by drawing a dark arc at the top of the insignia. Spring 1968.

Left-to-right: Gordon Knight (standing), Alan Scheri, unknown, Ron Hood, and "Peewee" Edwards. Summer 1968. Note the Bud on the bench and "Mount Bronco" in the background.

Guess we could label this one, "Party at the pisser." Left-to-right: Bill Dunning; Dave Farger; Jim Yocum; David G. Stein (with arms raised); Charlie Favor; Ron Hood; Bill Nubuel; Wally Nunn; Gordon Knight; and Don Richardson.

Webmaster note: Initially David Stein's first name was one of those that was "lost." On 20 June 03 I got the following e-mail note from David's former wife: "Hi Jim.. on your pages, you request an email if any ID is made... and I'm writing to give the first name of one of the members of the crew of the Sharks -- David G. Stein. He was a doorgunner. And I've had an email from a Ron Conners saying he was his doorgunner... Just thought you may want to put his first name under the photo: David G. Stein, from Chicago Heights, Il. He died Oct.13, 1980 from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), although at that time no one at the VA would acknowledge it... Thanks."

Left-to-right back row: ______ Valesquez(?); David Stein; Jim Yocum; Ron Hood; Bill Neubel; Wally Nunn; Doc Livingstone; Stan Bessy; Don Richardson. Left-to-right: front row: Dave Farger; Charlie Favor; Gordon Knight.

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