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Headline News from May 1968


Memorial Day holds special meaning for Americans as a time set aside to commemorate our dead. For soldiers in Vietnam, this day has added meaning because of the loss of close friends and comrades in arms. As we honor these dead and those who have lost their lives in past wars, it is well to remember that our solemn obligation to them springs from the simple truth that they gave their lives for our freedom and for the liberty of our fellow man.

Memorial Day, 1968, finds the American soldier fighting and dying in the same selfless way he has fought and died in other wars on other battlefields. To these men, the Free World owes a deep debt of gratitude and a hymn of praises. For our part, we must make certain that the liberty for which they died survives and flourishes.


27 May 1968


Stockholm Police, reinforced with suburban officers, Saturday night turned back a crowd of chanting student marchers from five buildings they tried to storm. Minor scuffles broke out and police said several demonstrators were injured.

A shouting band of about 300 students first marched from the student union building which they were occupying through downtown Stockholm to the concert hall. They shouted "power for the people" and "crush capitalism".

Heavy police guards surrounded the concert hall and forced the demonstrators to move one.

The march followed a statement by the Swedish Interior Minister who said the occupation of the student union was inspired by a small group of communists".


Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak said Sunday some of the countries he had visited during his 26 day European and Indian tour had promised to do what they could to help Malaysia in her development program.

Razak was speaking to newsmen on his return from a visit to India, Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, West Germany, Denmark, and Russia.

He said he had thanked France for granting Malaysia a One Million Francs credit and France had responded by saying she was prepared to give Malaysia an additional One Million Francs loan.

West Germany and Belgium had promised to see what further aid they could give to Malaysia. They had asked for details of the projects for which Malaysia wanted assistance.


Columbia University President Grasson Kirk says he will not deliver the annual commencement address at the New York School's graduation ceremonies June 4th. Rebellious students have threatened to disrupt the commencement unless amnesty is granted to student demonstrators.


A Japanese woman near here became the second oldest person in Japan when she aged 20 years on one day recently.

The years were added to her official record in Yamazaki when it was found a clerical error had subtracted them in 1890. She is now really 114 years old.

Mrs Morimoto, who was born two months before Commodore Perry arrived in Japan in 1853, said the secret of her longevity was a cup of sake with each meal.

The oldest known person in the country is Mister Nakamura of Kamaish City, Iwate Prefecture who will be 116 on June 10.