174th Assault Helicopter Company

Jim Messinger Plants a Palm Tree

This is WO1 James N. Messinger (WORWAC Classes 67-1 and 67-3) outside the 1st Flight Platoon tent at Duc Pho in June 1967. Jim had just helped plant that palm tree and he's standing guard over it like a proud daddy. Jim was with the 174th from mid-67 till mid-68, and returned for a second tour in another unit in 1970 and 71. In a recent note, Jim said, "We spent all day planting that palm tree, and it was still there in 1971 when I visited. I'd sure like to see it now." Below this picture is a closeup of Jim, and also a closeup ot the wooden sign at the front of the 1st Flight Platoon pilot's tent, to the left in the first photo. Photo property of Jim Messinger. (I'll bet you Jim's not that skinny any more!)