174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Keith Watters' Photos Page

This is me waxing my ship at Chu Lai. "WAX ON, WAX OFF!" As I often said, "it was better than guard duty." (Webmaster note: Keith's Dolphin appears to have received recent battle damage. The "green house" window above the pilot's seat has recently been replaced -- the white framing has not yet been repainted green to match the aircraft color. Also, the tail boom may have been recently replaced as well, as the stripes around the tail boom have only been recently painted. Note the large white stripe is there but not the blue stripe in the middle. The white was usually allowed to dry several days before applying the blue paint. The pilot's door has also been removed. Some crews flew without doors, although that was not the normal flight configuration for 174th aircraft.) See two enlargements below.

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