174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Shark Crewmen Assembling Rockets

This is an early 1967 (quite grainy) photo at Duc Pho provided by Andrew Kasarda. All are Shark Crewmen and are down at the re-arm point at the end of the Dolphin/Shark parking ramp, breaking out rockets from their wooden shipping containers and assembling them with what looks like 10-pound HE (high explosive) warheads. Andrew identified the people as:

Putnam, Maher, Mel, Hoop, McNeil, Scari, Tomey, and Kasarda (holding rocket).

(Webmaster note: I know, I know, eight people are listed and only seven people are in the photo. Andrew says that's what's on the back of the photo. If anyone viewing this can help straighten out the caption, please e-mail me with names. --Thanks)

(Additional webmaster note: I heard from William Putnam in Feb 2002, and he identified himself, saying "I am the tall, thin one (sure wish I was that thin again) with hair and a white t-shirt on." Also in Feb 2002 I heard from Paul Kunelius, Crew Chief of Shark 423. Paul said: Hi Jim, just figured I'd clear up the names in the picture of Andrew Kasarda's photo page. I'm not sure, but I may have been the one to take this picture back in 67. I'll start with George Toomey on the left bending over. He was my door gunner on Shark 423. Behind Toomey with helmet on, is Bud ("Minni-Gun") Maher. Next to Maher is Putnam. Beside Putnam with head down and butt in his mouth is Scari. Beside Scari on the right, with helmet on, is the famous Eddie McNeil. In front is Andrew Kasarda holding rocket while Ron Hood screws on a 10-lb. HE warhead.)

Below is a photo of Andy Kasarda cutting up, taken about the same time, by Putnam. Below that is a close-up.