174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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Tim Healy's Photos Page

Dolphin Door Gunner

Webmaster note. I got the below e-mail from Tim Healy in January 1999:

Jim, My name is Tim Healy, formally Sp4 Healy, Dolphin Door Gunner from about May 68 till the end of June 1969. I've been checking out your web site since last summer when Rick Mills told me about it. I thought you might be interested in some new old photos, most of which I took in 1968 up until the point when I crashed and my camera was destroyed. Feel free to use or not use any of these photos on the web site. I will send a brief explanation of each according to my 30 year old memory.

I am including all 14 of the photos, with the short captions that Tim included. Since most were taken in 1968, I'm including Tim's photo page on the 1968 photos page. All photos property of Tim Healy. --JimMcD.

If anyone wishes to contact Tim, his e-mail address is healy@whidbey.com.

Click on each title below to load its corresponding photo and caption.

My 1st Crew Chief Dale Ellis hard at work on 444

Goofing off behind a Shark hooch

Having a wonderful time wish you were here

Nose art at it's finest

Three guys that look hip...

Debo, Mills, Frazer, and Hile

Parked on a pinnacle

Crew Chief Ellis issuing orders

Kickin back after a hard day at the office

We couldn't have won the war without these two guys

Beautiful downtown Duc Pho looking directly down highway 1

Hitchin a ride back home

On your mark, get set, go!!!