174th Assault
Helicopter Company


Keith Watters' Photos Page

Joel Goforth, good friend. Joel transferred from the 4/3 Infantry like me, but for different reasons. While Joel was in the bush, they had set up a night perimeter. At some point in the middle of the night Joel had to take a walk behind a bush. On perimeter guard duty at the time was an FNG (a newbee). He'd just arrived. Apparently hearing joel in the bushes, he overreacted and let go with a frag grenade in Joel's direction. He peppered Joel's back side with shrapnal! That was enough for Joel, and after spending some time recoverning in the rear (no pun intended), he transferred to the 174th with me. If anyone knows where Joel is now, I sure would like to locate him. Just e-mail me at the above address. Thanks.

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