174th Assault
Helicopter Company


The 174th Company area at Duc Pho taken from a helicopter about 50 feet over Dolphin Park (or Shark Park, depending on which part you were over), looking south. The dispensary is on the near corner. The 174th area is about half way through conversion from tents to hootches. The Shark hootch was the first bunkered hootch built by the crewmembers, begun in November and finished in December 1967 (with the tail rotor above the door, 4th from the right in the third row of hootches). the CO's hootch is on the 2nd row, far left (with a small water tank by the near eave). The orderly room is to its right. Note the row of conex's on the right side and the hootch under construction next to them. The "misfits" tent is just beyond the hootch under construction at the end of the "company street." There is a mix of bunkered hootches and GP-medium and GP-large tents still in the company area, indicating this photo was taken early in 1968. Mt. Bronco is in the background.

Photo by Jim McDaniel, 1968.