174th Assault
Helicopter Company

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Aerial Photo of LZ Baldy

This is LZ Baldy, one of the northernmost firebases in Americal Division's area of operations. It is near the coast south of Da Nang. The Sharks frequently flew missions out of Baldy and stood all-day and all-night 5-minute standby missions (meaning they would be on constant alert and could be airborne with a flight of two gunships--known as a light fire team--within five minutes of getting "scrambled." The Sharks frequently stood standby's with gunships from other companies in the 14th Combat Aviation Battalion, usually the Firebirds from the 71st AHC or the Muskets from the 176st AHC. This photo is looking generally north and the dark circle marks the standby tent along the parking ramp where the gunship crews stayed while at Baldy. (Photo by Jim McDaniel, 1968.)