"Nothing Impossible" Print by Joe Kline

The 174th AHC Association is excited to announce your opportunity to own this wonderful Joe Kline limited edition 20" X 28", signed/numbered print. The prints were produced from the original painting, commissioned specifically by the 174th AHC Association to remember and honor those individuals who served the 174th Assault Helicopter Company.

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each print, along with a flier that provides information on how you can further customize your print, if desired, by sending it to Mr. Kline. The prints cannot be purchased from any other source. The 174th AHC Association is the sole distributor of this print.

Current 174th AHC Association members may purchase each print at a cost of $25.00 each (shipping included). Non-Association members may purchase each print at a cost of $50.00 each (shipping included). If you wish to provide a print to a veteran's organization or museum as a gift, we will donate (to you) the print free of charge, with two stipulations: (1) you pay shipping charge, and (2) you have the print suitably matted and framed for display before you present it to your organization. Payment by check or money order, payable to the 174th AHC Association, must accompany each order. NO COD, Credit card or PayPal accepted.

Order through the 174th Company Store Manager via e-mail.